About the people behind Diverzio

The people involved with the foundation Diverzio have earned their respect with their professional expertise and experience in the supply chain, sustainability, research, taste, hospitality and purchase. Their involvement and expertise is diverse, but everybody agrees that senior citizens, patients and staff deserve healthy and healthy food and drinks. That farmers deserve appreciation for their quality products. And that companies in the supply chain and institutions, education and government have an important and involved role in society. They have a crucial influence on our future.

The foundation’s explicit aim is NOT profit!

The foundation Diverzio stands for:

  • sustainable purchase
  • fresh food
  • healthy local economy
  • for institutions and hospitals AND government

We aim for: healthy, sustainable and healthy food and drinks for patients, elderly, residents, professionals, staff and visitors in institutions, nursing homes, government, municipalities, schools and universities.

Diverzio endorses the vision of  Corporate Social Responsibility and is partner of the organisation ‘MVO Nederland’.