Diverzio promotes

Affordability and quality of food

More efficient by better cooperation between purchase departments and the menu’s from the kitchen to please the client’s needs and to save money due to less food waste and garbage.

Quality of life and care setting

Improvement of taste, experience and ambiance of food and drinks within the institutions. Support the prevention of malnutrition  with elderly. Loss of weight, expensive diet  food and supplements, dermatological problems and a lack of mobility and physical exercise are all elements for improvement.


Custom purchased local and sustainable food, decreases the reduction of food miles and results in more transparency and careful use of resources in the food production. Diverzio improves the reduction of food waste by better coordination and communication between purchase departments, internal processes, improved preparation techniques, tasteful menu’s and optimized coordination of demand of clients, patients, residents, staff and guests.

Local economy and food chains

Local cooperation and purchasing, offers economical impulses to parties involved in the distribution chain (farmers, processors, suppliers, caterers, institutions). A shorter distribution channel from food producers to the consumers and more market power for the farmers is important. We strive for a healthy economical fundament for local food production on short and longer term relationships between business partners.

Social responsibility

People: quality of life of the clients for which the meals are important moments of the day. A better well-being and health by decreased body weight and/or mobility. For visitors and staff too, the connection between food and producers is ‘healthy’. By improvement of the local economy (especially in rural area’s): conservation of work force and local labour.

Planet: reduction of waste of food, encouragement of suppliers and empowerment to produce sustainable, reduction of food mileage.

Profit: reduction of the several direct and indirect costs. Influence on prices and quality of the products. To reward fair prices and income to suppliers and distributors.