Diverzio scan

We offer the diverzio scan to provide insights for organizations to improve and achieve progress in the field of:

–  Sustainability of food and meal process
–  Food waste reduction
–  Quality, taste and experience of the meal
–  Sustainable purchase of food
–  Cost savings
–  Preparation – and cooking techniques
–  Hospitality and guest orientation
–  Ambiance …

We start with an audit on different subjects. We scan and monitor the entire process of purchase, kitchen, serving  until dishwashing (a total of more than 150 measuring elements). You will receive a plan of improvement  from us which offers tailor made steps to plan and perform the improvements.

Optionally, Diverzio can offer further  support  to implement improvement plans. Our Diverzio team supports chefs, facililty managers  bus also board of directors to change, imporve and get it done in practice.

Want to know more about what the diverzio scan can do for you? Please contact us.